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Golden Globe Infotech is a firm that specialises in R&D, design, engineering, customization, and manufacture of energy-efficient LED lights and solutions, as well as electronic components and products. Purchase the most advanced and high-quality flood light, street light, commercial light, and solar street light available.

Golden Globe Infotech Lighting In The Future

Golden Globe Infotech is linked with excellence and dependability. Golden Globe Infotech provides a wide range of lighting solutions for both retail and industrial applications. We provide the most up-to-date and high-quality technology-based items. We aim to enhance places by giving an illuminating experience to our consumers, as the market leader in Indian home-based lighting.

Always on the cutting edge of technology, we promote an eco-friendly mentality, with Golden Globe Infotech products being the best in class and providing environmentally friendly lighting solutions we are the leading

  solar street light manufacturer in Uttrakhand
Street Lighting

Street lighting keeps roads safe for drivers and pedestrians to use, greatly reducing.​

Park lighting

With park lighting. The elderly and children can enjoy wonderful night activities in outdoor.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting improves the environment and enrich people's lives.

tunnel lighting

Tunnel lighting greatly improves the safety of railway tunnels, and has flexibility and significant.

General Area lighting

Thanks to general area lighting people's lives in public places are more convenient and safer.


Golden Globe Infotech is the newest in technology, the best in manufacture, and the most environmentally friendly in use.

It develops LED-based goods and deals in renewable energy resources and is situated in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

It covers an astronomical amount of varieties in various colours and forms in a short period of time, with each product descended from rich and adroit technological improvement.


Golden Globe Infotech is a leading provider of lighting solutions.

In India and abroad, we provide environmentally friendly and energy-saving commercial lighting solutions for a variety of industries. With reduced energy costs, we designed a modern and energy efficient lighting solution for the industrial and residential sectors. We also provide bespoke Architectural lighting solutions for Architects, Consultants, Project Managers, and Clients looking for a dependable Lighting partner for their projects, whether it’s Street Lighting/ Park Lighting/ Outdoor Lighting/ Tunnel Lighting/ Malls or Streets/ Led Flood Lighting.



To add value to our clients' accomplishments by serving as your innovation partner for design and manufacturing solutions in high-tech domains.


Our main goal is to accomplish our vision and purpose

Golden Globe Infotech

In both Indian and international markets, the company has been addressing customers’ lighting needs and delivering quality across varied industries, government and non-government organisations. Ghaziabad-based recognised manufacturer, exporter, and supplier. We offer a diverse choice of LED CONSUMER, LED LIGHTING, and UV PRODUCTS that are both innovative and cost-effective.  Is now connected with thought leadership and dependability.

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