Flood Light

Flood lights are the most commonly utilized type of outdoor lighting. LED floodlights are high-intensity artificial lighting fixtures with a wide beam that are commonly used to illuminate huge regions at night. They are typically utilized on playing fields during low-light sporting events. They can also be used for an outdoor event that requires a lot of light.Flood light Manufacturer in assam

Floodlights, similar to floodlights, produce a uniform flow of light in a large expanse. As a result, they’re known as Flood Lights. Our flood light fixtures are weatherproof and perfect for security and landscape illumination.

LED flood lights from Golden Globe Infotech Lighting Industries are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a reputable and well-known LED Flood Lights manufacturer and supplier. The flood lights that we offer are built to last. These flood lights use very little electricity. In terms of quality and performance, our selection is unparalleled. At no point do we compromise on quality. Our headquarters are in Ghaziabad, India.

Flood Light Manufacturer in assam

We provide LED flood light after our quality team has thoroughly tested it. Clients praise these for their trouble-free performance and excellent quality. It also decreases glare, allowing us to see properly at night without straining our eyes.

LED Flood Lights are manufactured, supplied, and exported by us. Floodlights, Flood Lights LED, Beam Lights, and High Mast Lights are some of the other names for this product. For industries, we provide the finest quality LED lighting solutions. We provide these goods to our valued customers in a variety of requirements, including a unique design, high-quality components, exceptional reliability, long operation even in adverse weather, low power consumption, and cheap running costs.we also deals in Dolphin Street Light , Solar Street Light , Led Street Light , All in one solar street light , High Bay Light .we are the leading 

Flood Light Manufacturer in Assam And karnataka.

Golden Globe Infotech Electronics is a leading manufacturer of LED Flood Lights in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Our manufacturing plant is outfitted with cutting-edge machinery and tools that enable us to fulfil both client and industry standards. As a customer-focused firm, our primary goal is to keep our customers happy, and we go to great lengths to achieve that goal.

Golden Globe infotech Embedded System is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting, consumer electrical and electronic products, and home appliances in India.

Focus was formed with the goal of bridging India’s energy gap, inspired by our country’s national goal of Make in India. Focus intends to achieve this goal by promoting low-cost lighting options and lighting up every home in the county.


Our engineers, technicians, and supervisors, as well as everyone else on staff, are skilled at handling large orders without sacrificing quality. To ensure that our clients receive the best, we follow a certain procedure and adhere to strict industry standards when producing, testing, packing, and delivering our products.

We have earned the reputation as the top Led Flood Light Manufacturer in Ghaziabad because of our constant efforts to keep them happy. To continue the conversation, you can call us or submit an inquiry through the website.